Website Questionnaire
Do you have good quality pictures of your products? 
Do you have digital copies that you can give me on a disk or email to me? 
What phone number do you want listed on your website?
What other information do you want listed on your website?
What background color do you want on your website?
If you have more then one page, do you want them to all be the same color?
Do you have a name for your company?
Do you have a logo?
Do you have a credit card?
Do you accept credit cards?
What kinds of promo are you currently using?
Do you have copies that I can work from for ideas on your style?
What kind of things do you do in your business?
Do you have any pictures of you doing those things?
Have you seen any cool website graphics that you would like on your website?  
What other thing would you like to see on your website?
Do you offer other services that you would like listed or shown?