Bully Free with Captain Freedom

It doesn’t take a superhero to stop a bully, but it does to get elementary school kid’s attention.

Through magic tricks and audience participation Captain Freedom covers different aspects of

bullying and what can be done to stop them in your school. This program is presented by

professional magician Keith Cobb who has been providing quality affordable programs in

Northern IL for the past 20 years. He knows what it takes to get the message across to children

without it being a boring lecture the kids will ignore.

The program covers:

·       What is a bully.

·       What you can do if you are being bullied.

·       What bystanders can do when they see someone being bullied.

·       The difference between telling/reporting and tattling.

·       What kids can say to adults to get them to listen and help.

·       What cyber-bullying is and how to stop it.

·       What can happen to someone if they continue to be a bully.


When children feel threatened or harassed, they may miss school, fail to perform to the best of their

ability and have a lower level of self-confidence. These issues can develop into life-long problems for

the people being bullied. Anti-bullying programs need to begin in elementary school because that is

where bullying starts. By the time kids enter middle school it can be a huge problem if they don’t have

the tools to deal with it. Studies show that sixty percent of students who ARE bullies through middle

school have been arrested and jailed at least once by the time they are 24 years old. This program can

be the first step to keeping our kids out of therapy and jail.

Would you like to get this program into your school for FREE? There are grant programs available to

cover the cost through state and corporate donations.

Call IYQ Entertainment at 847-228-0882 and talk to Keith about getting Bully Free with

Captain Freedom to come to your Northern Illinois school.

"Your program really got through.  I heard the kids using your messages
weeks later when a bullying issue came up."
Dorthy N.
St. Maria Goretti School