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Magician Keith Cobb Brings Joy as Festival of Lights Begins
By Tim Quinlan
Dec 19, 2003, 12:24


Keith Cobb

Hanukkah begins this evening and for many children it will be a day of excitement as the festival of lights begins. The event is usually celebrated at home but for children undergoing long-term medical care, this can be a lonely time.

Chicago Magician Keith Cobb brightened their day with a show. The Chicago Tribune noted, "For many of the small patients, it was a time to avoid thinking about the needles, surgeries, medicine and tests that go along with their illnesses. At the party, they focused on the ropes that Keith the Magician tried to untangle instead of the intravenous tubes in their arms."

Keith the Magician worked with the incredible organization the Chai Lifeline dedicated to helping hospitalized children celebrate special events regardless of their religious affiliation but especially Jewish children who are otherwise inundated with Christmas themes.

The Chai Lifeline brought singing, lighting of the menorah and presents to the children. The Midwest region of Chai Lifeline boasts a network of 140 families and is part of a larger network across the country.

A particularly touching part of the story involves Victoria Charneske, a three year-old child in her sixth week for bowel lengthening surgery. She watched Keith Cobb perform and clapped her hands as a rabbit puppet appeared from a magic hat. "She really enjoyed it," her mother, Helena, said.

Victoria's nurses couldn't help but notice how cheery the girl was as she returned to her room. With her monitor still beeping, she ran down the hall to the nurses' station holding up the Winnie the Pooh coloring book she had unwrapped.

Big props to Keith Cobb and the Chai Lifeline for their wonderful work and contributions to make the magic of the season available to all children. You can check out Mr. Cobb's website here. If you're interested in the Chai Lifeline, click here. We'll put Mr. Cobb's link on our Inside Magic Links of Fame.

Mr. Cobb has incredible accolades and experience in our Art including:

Keith has been performing professionally since 1991. He has been the President of the Wizards Club of Chicago since 1996. It is the oldest independent magic club in the Midwest celebrating its 70th year last November.

Some of Keith's magic awards include:

Winner of the Wizards Club Stage Magic Contest 1996;

Winner of the Beyond the Five Senses E.S.P. Magic Contest 2000 & 2003;

Winner of the Wizards Club Close-Up Magic Contest 1998;

Winner of the Bob Sharpe Millennium Stage Magic Contest 2000, 2002 & 2003; and

Finalist in the Best of Chicago's Stage Magician Contest 1996.


Add to that list our respect for his willingness to give so much to make a difference to children.

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