Online Zoom Tarot Card
Quick Readings
Fun and affordable from the comfort
of your home.
Interact live with professional
entertainer and magician Keith Cobb.
Appointments set on your schedule.
For entertainment purposes only.
How it works: You call 847-228-0882 or email to set up
your appointment time. When Keith has the Zoom meeting set up with one camera
on the cards and another on him, he sends you a message link that you can click
on to join the meeting.
He has you choose a card that you think represents you as a starting point.  The
Major Arcana is divided into three piles representing your past present and future.
After he reads and explains those cards to you he can also take out the Minor
Arcana which is the remaining part of the deck to answer any questions you may
have. When you are satisfied with your reading he will let you know how to pay
through PayPal or Chase Quickpay for the low rate of only $